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Interview met Pontus Alv



Persoonlijk heb ik Pontus nu al een aantal keer ontmoet. Telkens weer was ik straalbezopen en niet instaat om ook maar iets van inside informatie uit Pontus te trekken. Gelukkig hebben we speciaal voor de Polar week Frisco voor het karretje kunnen spannen om Pontus eens even aan de tand te voelen. Niemand minder dan Peter Kolks had het afgelopen weekend een Q&A met Pontus. 

Pontus Alv

Hi Pontus, how are you doing ? You just got back from Japan, how are things there for the Polar Skate Co ?
Yeah Carhartt invited me and Micha? Jura? over to do some promotion for them and to just spend some time in Japan. Of course we hooked up with our Uru from kukunochi dist and we did some fun stuff over there. We build some stuff on their DIY spot and so on. Trying to give back to the skateboarders and not just come there and take their spots, film some stuff and leave. I like to hook up with the locals and work with them and get to know them on a personal level and learn about their culture and history.

But yeah the japanese people have a lot of respect for my films, past projects and works so it feels natural for them to support and represent Polar Skate Co over there. They are stoked on it and in the bar we were all singing Wallride oh yeah oh yeah. Good memories.

pontus interview

You just started working with Frisco Distribution for Holland & Belgium, how did that came about ? And do you have any special things lined up with them ?
It started with my rider Hjalte who spoke with the Frisco guys via facebook. He told me great things about the shop and the people behind it. So I contacted Frisco and they placed an order for the shop....We spoke via mail back and forth and I recommend them to start a dist for the new movement in europe. Polar Palace Magenta. PPM program. After some more e-mails back and forth and it was on. The only way to build a great thing is if you are surrounded by great people who understands  your visions and ideas. Frisco understand Polar.

Special things....Hmm yeah I would love to start with coming to Holland and travel around the country. Build some stuff with the locals have some workshops with some shops and so on. There are so many things I want to do but I need to invent a clone machine first....does anyone have one for sale?

The Polar Skate Co. is building a strong presence out there how will you keep this going on ? Are you working on a new film already ?
Keep doing cool different stuff, rad graphics , articles and travel around with the boys. Hook up with locals and try to make stuff
happens. I don´t really have a plan or think about the things we do. We just hit the streets films skate build and do stuff non stop. Yeah a Polar film is in the works but it will take time before I can release that beast. Got mad plans for it... We are on it.

pontus interview

I heard you guys are planning on doing a european tour this summer. What's up with that and,will you be visiting Holland or Belgium ?
Would love to do that but nothing is confirmed yet. We take things month by month here and every week things are changing around here....We don´t have dates and plans. The next thing we do is PXP this starts in april...

Thank you for your time Pontus! Any last words ?
Stay radical - try to give back to skateboarding and make things happen for you your friends and your scene.

Oh wait a quick popquiz! Nollie or Fakie ?
I like both Nollie flips and fakie flips are both great.

Gino or Mariano ?
Hmm I must say Mariano, when his Blind video days part came out I was so stoked and inspired by it. I was 11. But Marion until his mouse part after that I prefer Gino....

Emerica or Converse ?
I say Converse I have been a fan of that brand company since the Mariano Mouse days. He use to skate them been stoked on them ever since. Plus I love that the brand has such a rich old history. It is just a classic.

Polar or Palace?
Haha I love Palace and I love Lev. Both me and him have been friends before we started the P´s We use to be so lost both me and him...I remember a night in London me and lev totally messed up with no direction home or no direction in life. Pretty hopeless depressing sight but I am stoked me made it out of that crap and started our P´s. We have a lot of common and every time we get to kick it just feels natural. Our brains just connect direct.

Polar X Palace starting in 4-5 weeks....We have a masterplan ...Wait and see.

Burger King or Mac ?
I like mac computers.

Holland or Belgium?
Hmm I like both but I must say Holland. It just feels like they have nicere girls there and they have good graphic design but Belgium got
good beers. . .

pontus interview